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How Long Can I Wait to Do Something About My Keratoconus?

Wow, were we wrong about this question until new research was published! Doctors are still telling patients with keratoconus they can avoid treating this progressive disease because they are “stable.” 

To Make a Smart Decision, You Need to Understand Epithelium-On versus Off

Why Was the Epithelium Scraped Off for Epithelium-Off CXL in the 1990s?  Technology was not available to get Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) into the cornea without removing the epithelium  Note no
Cornea cover

EpiSmart Crosslinking for Keratoconus: A Phase 2 Study

A groundbreaking new study about EpiSmart crosslinking may serve as a roadmap for future keratoconus and ectasia treatments.
International Keratoconus Society and International Keratoconus Academy logos

Dr. Rubinfeld Joins Two Amazing Keratoconus Boards

The International Keratoconus Society and the International Keratoconus Academy are changing the paradigms of keratoconus diagnosis and treatment.
International Keratoconus Society logo

Announcing the Inauguration of the International Keratoconus Society

The International Keratoconus Society realizes a dream of having keratoconus experts worldwide working together under one umbrella.
Ocular Surgery News article

Dr. Rubinfeld Appears in Ocular Surgery News

Ocular Surgery News interviewed Dr. Rubinfeld about the trend of patients getting LASIK to avoid fogged-up glasses while wearing a mask.