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Re:Vision is Dr. Roy Rubinfeld’s advanced specialty ophthalmology practice serving keratoconus and LASIK patients from the D.C. area and around the world.

Our Practice

Re:Vision began helping keratoconus and LASIK patients in Rockville, MD, and Fairfax, VA, in 2013, building on the decades Dr. Roy Rubinfeld spent researching and developing advancements in the field and serving patients in the D.C. area.

Re:Vision builds on Dr. Rubinfeld’s success and draws on his expertise to best serve patients. Our specialty practice celebrated its 10-year milestone in 2023.


Dr. Rubinfeld is selected and serves as Chief Resident at Georgetown University Medical Center and joins Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons as a corneal specialist.
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Dr. Rubinfeld completes his Corneal Diseases and Surgery Fellowship at the world-renowned Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia.
Wills Eye Hospital logo


Dr. Rubinfeld becomes the first ophthalmologist in D.C. involved in laser vision correction care.
U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C.


Dr. Rubinfeld has laser vision correction.


Dr. Rubinfeld performs the LASIK procedure on wife (yes, they are still married!).


Dr. Rubinfeld shares his expertise live in “10 Years of LASIK” on CNN.
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Dr. Rubinfeld founds and serves as Medical Director of the Vision Correction Center at Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons.


Dr. Rubinfeld begins research on improved treatments for keratoconus by visiting practitioners across Europe.


CXLUSA, founded by Dr. Rubinfeld, begins to grow into the world’s largest crosslinking research study group with 36 investigators across the U.S.
Map of CXLUSA study sites


Dr. Rubinfeld organizes an International Roundtable on advanced keratoconus treatments in Paris, France.
Attendees of the keratoconus roundtable in Paris


Dr. Rubinfeld opens Re:Vision, his advanced specialty practice for keratoconus and LASIK.


First of more than a dozen patents for a novel epithelium-on CXL granted, naming Dr. Rubinfeld as the first inventor.
Dr. Rubinfeld's patents


The FDA Phase 2 study of epithelium-on CXL ends and is approved for Phase 3 study based on safety and effectiveness data.


Dr. Rubinfeld performs laser vision correction on his daughter, Kendra.
Dr. Rubinfeld and Kendra holding carrot shots


Re:Vision celebrates 10 years of patient care and research involvement.
Dr. Kim, Dr. Rubinfeld, and Jenny


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