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Cost of LASIK

Which do you think is more expensive — LASIK or 20 years of contact lenses, glasses, sunglasses, and frequent eye doctor visits? It’s the difference between owning your vision and renting it, and after 20 years, you’ll still need glasses and contacts. Use our LASIK affordability calculator and see our financing options to find out the real cost of LASIK.

Re:Vision LASIK Affordability Calculator

Can you afford not to have LASIK? Use this calculator to see how much LASIK could save you long-term compared to your current situation.

LASIK Calculator





Why Choose Re:Vision LASIK?

A lifetime of clear vision is priceless. The best vision correction option is one where the price includes all services and where alternative options, like PRK, are offered. Re:Vision offers all this and more, so you can afford the best for your most valuable asset.

When comparing LASIK providers, it’s important to choose an experienced surgeon who uses cutting-edge technology over a discount version. You wouldn’t choose a discount neurosurgeon, so why would you get a coupon version of LASIK for your precious vision? Dr. Rubinfeld brings decades of experience, specializes in treating patients who have had complications, and often trains other LASIK surgeons. Trusting the expertise and judgment behind the laser makes price almost irrelevant.

Dr. Rubinfeld examining a patient


There’s no need to take a chance on discount LASIK because Re:Vision makes the best LASIK affordable. In most cases, LASIK is not covered by insurance. However, Re:Vision offers all patients a zero down, zero percent financing plan for 24 months through Alphaeon Credit.

Many patients save money by paying for LASIK with tax-free income through their medical savings plan or health savings account set up through their employer.

Re:Vision also offers reduced fees to U.S. military members, emergency responders, teachers, government workers, and law enforcement.

Ready to take the first step?

To learn more about financing options, medical savings plans, or the Re:Vision discount for certain professions, please ask in your complimentary consultation or contact us.