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Dr. Rubinfeld Joins Two Amazing Keratoconus Boards

International Keratoconus Society and International Keratoconus Academy logos

I am so honored to be on the boards of these vibrant, new worldwide keratoconus organizations!

The International Keratoconus Society and the International Keratoconus Academy will help change the paradigms of diagnosis and treatment of this common disease affecting 1.4% to 7% of the world’s population.

Keratoconus has been the major focus of my research and advanced patient treatments since 2009 and, in 2014, I served as course director of Crosslinking: Past, Present and Future: The View from 3 Continents where the faculty included Profs. Sinjab, Cummings, and Kanellopoulos from Dubai, Ireland, and Greece, all great innovators and founders of these new organizations.

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