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Three Generations of LASIK Patients

Left: Mom, daughter (before procedure), and dad. Right: Mom, aunt, and grandma.

Trusting your LASIK surgeon is essential for anyone considering correcting their vision. Dr. Rubinfeld and his staff at Re:Vision are honored by the decades of trust placed in them by thousands of patients. This honor is expanded exponentially when our patients refer their family and friends because it means that they don’t just trust Dr. Rubinfeld with their vision, they trust him with their loved ones as well. A significant portion of our patients come from referrals from friends and family and we are deeply grateful for each and every one of them.

Sometimes the referrals stretch generations, like the Stuart/Baker family. This month Dr. Rubinfeld performed laser vision correction on a third generation of family members, having previously done dad, mom, aunt and grandma!

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